Ornamental flowers


With the recent economic growth, the business of ornamental flowers in Taiwan is steadily increasing. Selection of ornamental plants of economic importance for Miaoli County is the primary task of this Station. Seedling production and supply of selected ornamental plants is crucial in the development of floral industry. The procedure for induction, proliferation and regeneration of embryogenic callus for mass production of the mericlones of Pleione formosana were established very well. We had selected the new line with white flowers from local lines propagated by self-pollination.

The indigenous orchid variety Pleione formosana is grown only on the high mountain of Central Taiwan. Bulbs are used for propagating this special local orchid variety. Planting large and uniform bulbs is a key to produce the high-quality flowers.

The small seed-bulbs are imbedded in the selected special cultural media placed on the bench. Automatic irrigation system on the bench keeps moisture content of the bed to induce budding and steady growth of the new bulbs. The method is now widely adapted by the farmers for bulb production of Pleione formosana orchid. The large scale production of bulbs on the seed farms enables famers to supply the locally needed bulbs and also able to export them to earn foreign exchange today.

Studies are therefore directed to the method of producing large bulbs on the lower plain land for easy distribution. We developed a special 「 High Rise Bed Culture Method 」 for bulb propagation at the cool slope-land.


Ornamental flowers