Biological Control Branch Station

The improvement of propagation techniques on parasitoid and predatory natural enemies


The eclosion number of oriental fruit fly pupal parasitoids Dirhinus giffardii (Silvestri) was 410, 445, 422, and 441 at 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 ℃ , respectively. It seemed that the temperature increasing, the eclosion number also increase. There was no significant difference among the four temperatures. The eclosion number was zero in 15 ℃ after 3 months. The rang of parasitic rate and emergence rate was 37.3-98.3% and 17.7-83.9%, respectively. The temperature increasing, the parasitic rate and emergence rate also increase. After one day, those were refrigerated on the paper tube built with different media such as shredded paper, rice husk, sawdust, vermiculite, etc. The eclosion number of pupal parasitoids was compared with the control decreased by 0.5%, 5.6%, 5.0%, 0.3%. After the 2-6 day, the eclosion number reduced by 20-47% in low-temperature refrigeration. However, the eclosion number of pupal parasitoids was still no difference, whether is installed media or not. And that is processing at different temperatures of 10,12,14,16,18 ℃ . After a week, eclosion number compared with the control decreased by 23.4% - 0.2%. At 18 ℃ , the eclosion number of pupal parasitoids compared with the control decreased by 2.8% and 3.1% and a delay of 8 and 15 days feather after the 14-21 day. The adult of pupal parasitoids was refrigerated in refrigerator after the 1-6 days, and the survival rate: 100% -70%. The subalgebra: 27.5-2.6 was lower than that of the control (28.7). The survival rate and subalgebra are decreased with the increased day of low-temperature refrigeration, and the activities were weak. After 3 days, 35% of the subalgebra is lower than the control. The use of commercially available perforated plastic basket, pore size was 3mm × 3mm, oriental fruit fly pupae was parasitized by pupal parasitoid, and unparasitized-died adult emergence. Those were separated by sieve shaker. The small package loaded-waterproof bag could be delivered to farmers for field pest control.


cocoon parasitoid wasp of oriental fruit fly left female and right male and developed a water proof bag to transport the cocoon parasitoid wasp